Normal needs a little spice from time to time. What better way to give it some spice than with a beautifully designed luxury wagon, like the V90. The way it looks is just the beginning because it also has great performance features that should boost its popularity.

All-Wheel Drive

The luxury wagon can give you a smooth driving experience, thanks to its all-wheel drive feature. The wagon's ability to respond to your needs, turns, and your acceleration make this a unique experience. Keep in mind that a vehicle with all-wheel drive is safer when driving on poorly maintained roads or when the roads are wet.

Start and Stop

Saving fuel is not only good for your wallet; it is also good for the environment. The start/stop technology in the Volvo V90 is meant to help you do just that by stopping the engine every time you idle when driving. The engine starts back up like nothing happen when you continue your journey. These are just two features that impressed us, but there are more that you'll get to learn about during a test drive that we can't wait to schedule for you.



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