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Volvo V60 Cross Country: Luxurious Interior Belies Rugged Exterior

While the 2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country is being launched this summer as a car fit for adventurers, those who are just along for the ride will be pleasantly pleased by the interior appointments in this crossover vehicle. Contrary to what you see on the outside of the car -- rugged styling and tough body cladding that protects the vehicle from flying rocks and brushy trails -- the interior of the V60 Cross Country is as refined as it gets. If you’re following along in your favorite explorer’s footsteps, you might just find yourself enjoying the trip more than you anticipated.

Refined Luxury

Volvo is known for some of the most luxurious interiors on the market, and the V60 Cross Country is no exception. Gorgeous Nappa leather seats greet you as you enter the cockpit. Firm and supportive, you’ll find the power seats with adjustable lumbar support exceedingly comfortable for long road trips with your intrepid traveler. Other touches like a leather steering wheel and leather gear shift knob, conveniently placed cup holders, and a high-performance audio system, complete with Bluetooth and Sirius XM, might make you forget for a minute that you’re in a vehicle that can tackle dirt roads with the best of them. The huge panoramic sunroof lets in lots of daylight and also provides a great view of the night skies if you’re traveling during the wee hours. Set the 2-zone electronic climate control to the temperature you’re comfortable with, and you’re on your way.

Keep Gear in Its Place

The interior is also very spacious. Plenty of cargo room means that you won’t be crowded out by camping gear, skis, or sports equipment. The V60 Cross Country offers a very ample 19 cubic-feet of cargo space; 50.9 cubic-feet with rear seats folded down. Add a roof rack to carry the big stuff or attach a trailer to the hitch. Optional gearboxes keep items from shifting around during the trip, and rubber floor and gear mats keep the interior clean no matter what kind of weather or environmental conditions you encounter. There’s plenty of room in the back seat for passengers, assuming you don’t have the car loaded to the gills with adventure gear.

Enjoy the Ride

While the V60 Cross Country is designed as a more rugged vehicle, outfitted with standard all-wheel drive for rougher roads and inclement weather conditions, this car still provides a surprisingly smooth ride for passengers. Slightly higher ground clearance combined with higher profile tires allow the vehicle to glide over gravel and bumps with much less disruption than one would think. This crossover sports a sophisticated suspension that uses lightweight components to improve the handling. This also contributes to a smoother driving experience, a pleasant surprise for those less rugged types. If you aren’t as enthusiastic about outdoor adventures as your traveling companions, you’ll be amazed by how much you enjoy the ride.

Plan Your Summer Around the New V60

The new 2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country is coming this summer! Plan your entire summer vacation around this exciting vehicle. With the V60 you won’t have to put off any of your big plans. You can take on some of the more challenging adventures you’ve always wanted to go on. The V60 Cross Country will be ready to put you into the middle of the action, as you enjoy the distinctive Volvo driving experience.

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