The Remarkable Safety of the Volvo S60

Most car enthusiasts can tell you about things like the “platforms” that their favorite auto makers have created or use to make their vehicles handle better or ensure safety. For decades, Volvo has been known as one of the safest cars, and its platform has always been designed to offer both comfort and stability.

The Volvo S60, however, takes things to an entirely new level and though it has been on the market since 2000, the last few model years (which are the second and third generations of the car) have seen it advance even farther. This says a lot, since historically, the S60 has earned five star ratings from Euro NCAP and the NHTSA in America. It has good ratings from the IIHS, too.

However, in the latest variations, it combines modern driving aids and driver’s assistant solutions with remarkably rugged construction.

The Safety Cage

The safety cage uses Boron steel, which is four times stronger than standard auto steel, and contributes to 33 percent of the S60’s body weight. The entire safety cage is made of this remarkably strong material and is based on the SPA or Scalable Product Architecture platform. The design has “crumple zones” in the front and rear to further enhance safety cage performance.

City Safety

This is an array of systems and solutions integrated into the Volvo S60’s design and meant to prevent or lessen the damage of accidents on city or even open roads. Once the car breaks the 2.5MPH mark, this system activates, and includes an auto braking system that warns a driver of cyclists, pedestrians or animals in the path of the vehicle, and may even trigger braking. There is also a large animal detection and evasion system, and an oncoming collision mitigation system that helps avoid intersection collisions.

There is steering support that offers assistance to the driver (wheel) when evasive maneuvers are detected. This is done by slowing inner wheels and braking outer wheels to help straighten the vehicle.

Steer Assist

Powered by the Blind Spot Information System, it can detect rear-approaching traffic and alert the driver if a vehicle is approaching when they intend to make a lane change. This can be extremely helpful for keeping the car out of harm’s way when changing lanes. It’s always good to have some backup assistance in these situations, and the S60 offers it.


The Oncoming Mitigation by Braking system is unique to Volvo and focuses on halting the car if a collision is unavoidable. It engages the brakes and detects front to front or rear end collisions and then takes braking action while alerting the driver.

On top of these safety features, the Volvo S60 is connected to the Connected Safety system; a cloud system that gathers data and offers alerts in real time. Whether it is to adjust your driving style or warn against hazards, this system helps to ensure optimal safety on the road.

Everything You Want in a Luxury Sports Sedan

Are you ready to enjoy an incredibly safe driving experience? If you answered “yes”, simply stop in and request a test drive of the S60. Get behind the wheel and discover the Volvo S60’s comfort, safety and tech features for yourself. We’re sure you’ll find that the S60 offers everything you hoped for in a luxury sports sedan.

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