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Meet the Volvo S60 and Its Many Technological Innovations

If you ask anyone who has owned a Volvo about the experience, most would agree that they are all cars that have been designed for driving. That may sound obvious, but just think about it for a moment. We’ve all had vehicles or driven vehicles that were not really meant for more than getting us from “point A” to “point B.” These cars left us with a desire for a better experience.

Volvos, on the other hand, have a great deal of technology, design and thought put into them, and all of the many different models are a pleasure to drive. The Volvo S60 is another example of this, and in this article, we are going to look at some of the technological innovations that have made it such a delight for drivers for nearly twenty years.

The Latest Innovations

The last few model years of the Volvo S60 have incorporated the kinds of advances we all appreciate when we find ourselves behind the wheel. These include:

·         Center Display – The Volvo S60’s center display is large and easy to read, featuring a 9-inch screen coated with a non-reflective finish. It is so sensitive that it reacts even to a gloved hand. And if you are leery of taking your eyes off the road, it can project everything on the windshield, where voice controls can then allow you to navigate, play media and enjoy calls, among other things.

·         Sensus Navigation – The integrated navigational system uses voice recognition and clearly displays the details you need. You can also access the Volvo On Call app through a browser or mobile phone and use the Send to Car function to send information to the navigational system.

It’s Connected

Not only is the Volvo built for driving with a remarkably clear and easy to use display and onboard navigation, but it also features an array of connectivity options. There is smartphone integration that allows you to easily listen to your favorite audio, whether a podcast or music. There is even an integrated Spotify app that allows you to stream your favorite music with every ride.

The Volvo On Call app, mentioned earlier, also enables you to perform some surprising tasks through your smartphone. You can find a parking space, remotely heat or cool the car, and more.

The Volvo S60 also sports a long list of driving assist technologies that make your driving experience far easier, while also boosting safety. These include 360 degree cameras, driving alerts supported by radar, Curve Speed Adaptation, Pilot Assist that helps you to remain in your lane, and many other innovations.

See for Yourself How The Volvo S60 Performs

Are you eager to learn if the technologies in the Volvo S60 are a good fit for your driving style? A test drive can let you experience the state-of-the-art systems you can only find in a Volvo. With all of its many technology, connectivity, and safety features, it’s no wonder Volvo is one of the most respected car brands in the world. For nearly two decades the Volvo S60 has exceeded drivers’ expectations. Once you get behind the wheel, it’s likely you’ll agree that the S60 is a leader in its class.

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