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Control and Comfort in the Volvo S60

When thinking of sturdy and safe cars, most drivers don’t also think of dreamy handling and lots of balance or poise in performance. However, the Volvo S60 is known for its ability to strike that hard-to-find balance between control and comfort.

Drive Modes

Start with the unique “drive modes” that let you customize the driving experience every time you get behind the wheel. Your options include Eco, Comfort or Dynamic and with a click of a button your ride will change in its level of engine responsiveness, steering, braking and even stability control. Create an entirely bespoke mode using the “Individual” mode setting, too.

Optimal Control

The Four-C active chassis is a damping system electronically controlled by the driver and allows the vehicle to continually assess the road and your driving. It can then adjust the shock absorbers to offer the right level of balance and control, as well as comfort. This is adjusted whenever one of the drive modes is altered, too. With the vehicle’s double wishbone front suspension and the integral rear suspension unique to all Volvo cars, this is easily one of the most responsive and sharpest handling vehicles around.

Luxury Interior

And while you are driving such a responsive vehicle, why not also be wildly comfortable? The Volvo S60 is a luxury sedan and lives up to that title with its high-quality interior. This includes the remarkably user-friendly center touch screen that can be adjusted to display on the windshield for safer and easier use.

The entire interior has been designed and finished with sleek style in mind, and that includes everything from the mesh aluminum décor panels and the contrast stitching on the seats, to the wood treatment on the various controls.

Volvo is known for its comfortable seating and the S60 is no different. The Standard Comfort seats have all of the adjustable settings you need, and the Contour Seats (an option or standard depending on the model) are even more easily customized with multi-direction lumbar support.

Beautiful Design

On top of its amazing drive experience and comfortable interior, the Volvo S60 also enables drivers to love the look of the vehicle inside and out. We can use a spin on an old saying, “this is not your grandpa’s Volvo,” thanks to the new look of the front grille, that displays the iconic Volvo emblem with a more athletic and sporty finish. Full LED headlights with their unusual T-silhouettes, and a longer hood, also give this Volvo a far more aerodynamic and streamlined look.

Meant to enhance your driving experience, whether it is across the country or just across town, the Volvo S60 stands apart from the crowd.

Time for an S60 Test Drive

Does the idea of a comfortable, responsive, sleek and stylish Volvo S60 appeal to you? If so, it’s time to stop in and request a test drive. The Volvo S60 offers the perfect combination of luxury and top-level design. See it today and we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s the luxury sports sedan you’ve been dreaming about!

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