Volvo XC90 Makes Safety a Priority

Driving with style is great, but driving with safety is even better. Volvo recognizes that the protection of you and your loved ones is of vital importance which is why the XC90 comes equipped with several excellent features to make your drive as safe as possible.

From the moment you enter the vehicle, you’ll already be using one of the safety features present. The front seats of the XC90 are designed to be extremely comfortable as well as protect your spine in case of a collision or hard landing.

Once you hit the road other features will become apparent such as the Lane Keeping Aid. This steering assist function is able to determine if you’re unintentionally about to cross a lane, in which case it will steer your vehicle back into the center of the lane and is even able to deliver vibrations to the steering wheel to alert you.

The XC90 is also equipped with several other steering assist abilities to ensure that your vehicle remains where it’s supposed to be at all times. The Oncoming Lane Mitigation prevents you from drifting into a lane filled with oncoming traffic. The Run-off road Mitigation uses steering and braking to prevent your vehicle from departing the road altogether.

With functions like the BLIS™and Cross Traffic Alert, you are made aware of any traffic entering your blind spot or approaching the rear of your vehicle at an unsafe distance. From there the vehicle will use alerts and either braking, steering, or a combination of both to guide you back to safety.

Even parking is made safer thanks to the 360° SurroundView Camera which provides a bird’s eye view of your vehicle and allows you to see exactly how much room you have all around you. However, you could also choose to let the vehicle park itself by using the Park Pilot Assist function.

Provide some peace of mind to your drives by getting a Volvo XC90 today. At Volvo Cars Normal, our team loves nothing more than to make sure you get the right vehicle and deliver everything you need.


Visit your local Volvo Cars Normal  dealership in Normal, IL to check out our extensive inventory of the Volvo XC90 or call 888-540-1834 to learn more.

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