Volvo XC90 Brings Your Driving Into the Future

A world where your vehicle can perfectly adjust to meet every aspect of your day seems like a really futuristic idea. However, thanks to years of precision design and in-depth research the Volvo XC90 is now bringing us there with its highly intelligent onboard technology.

At the center of all of the vehicle’s superb abilities is the nine-inch Sensus touchscreen display that blends perfectly into its surroundings. With its clear bolded graphics you can spend less time trying to read the display and more time focusing on the road. The best part is that unlike most other annoying touchscreens, you don’t have to take off your gloves and let your hands freeze in order to use it.

To make you feel like you’ve jumped a hundred years into the future, the XC90 offers a Graphical Head-Up Display which projects driving information that appears to hover in front of the vehicle. Now you no longer have to take your eyes off of the road to take a look at this vital information.

With the Volvo On Call app, you can control virtually every aspect of your vehicle with your mobile phone from the time you get up to the time you go to sleep. With the mobile app, you can do a variety of impressive tasks including remote starting your vehicle and having its internal temperature set to a certain level by the time you get it, and sending location details of a meeting or event to your car’s navigation system so it knows exactly where you’re headed.

Plus for all of you shopaholics out there, the Volvo On Call app allows you to use the In-car Delivery function to order an item such as a new pair of shoes. They are then delivered right to the trunk of your vehicle and a notification is sent to you when they have arrived.

Make your life easier and your friends envious by getting yourself a Volvo XC90 loaded with these amazing technologies. Our team at Grossinger Volvo is always standing by to get you into your dream vehicle.


Visit your local Grossinger Volvo dealership in Normal, IL to check out our extensive inventory of the Volvo XC90 or call 888-540-1834 to learn more.

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