Volvo XC60 Is Built for Convenience

One of the most valued aspects of modern society is convenience. Anything that doesn’t provide us with a high level of convenience is usually declared a failed product shortly after launch because nowadays, we’re so incredibly busy and need items in our life that make everything we need to do a bit easier. The Volvo XC60 is here to make any driving you do much easier with its assortment of extremely convenient features.

We’ve all had that moment where you walk to the vehicle with your hands full of stuff and wonder how you’re going to manage to open up the vehicle. Well with the XC60 that’s no longer an issue. Simply wave your foot under the rear bumper and the mounted sensor will automatically open up the tailgate for you.

The Panoramic Moonroof that comes standard in the XC60 allows you to open up your vehicle to a whole new view without ever having to take your eyes off of the road, simply by pressing a button. Whether during a bright sunny day or a dark cloudy evening, you’ll be glad you have this feature to make your vehicle appear much more open and spacious.

Speaking of dark evenings, once the sun has gone down your XC60 doesn’t stop providing you with top-level convenience. Once you unlock the vehicle the door handles will illuminate to allow you to more easily enter the vehicle.

When you’ve entered the vehicle and hit the road for some night driving, the LED headlights will allow you to set your high beams on and then forget about it for the rest of the drive. The system automatically detects other traffic and will adjust the brightness of your headlights to avoid interfering with their driving.

Say goodbye to stressful driving in your life with the incredibly convenient Volvo XC60. Our team at Grossinger Volvo is always ready and willing to help you get the vehicle you both want and need.


Visit your local Grossinger Volvo dealership in Normal, IL to check out our extensive inventory of the Volvo XC60 or call 888-540-1834 to learn more.

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