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Convenient Exterior Features on the Volvo XC40

When you're shopping for a new vehicle, how important are convenience features? If they're a top priority, take a look at the Volvo XC40. This popular luxury subcompact SUV is available at Volvo Cars Normal with some small, yet useful, exterior features that can save time and make daily errands much easier.

The first available feature is folding side mirrors. If you park in a garage, having the ability to fold the mirrors in can make a huge difference in the way you park. You'll be able to get closer to a wall or another vehicle without having to worry about accidental damage. The mirrors fold in automatically when you lock the XC40. You can also do it manually with a press of a button inside.

You can also get a powered tailgate. Instead of having to lift the cargo door yourself, powerful equipment will do the job for you. The powered functionality applies to both opening and closing.



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